Temptation Restaurant

Located at Jericho the oldest known city in the world
Jericho old city west bank  

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Where we bring the Holy Land to you!!!

Mount of Temptation first opened it’s doors in 1979.  We are the largest food buffet in the Holy Land.  Our prize is our +20 item buffet.  We have oriental food with Falafel, Mesakhan, and many oriental salads.  We are famous for our Lamb Chops.  People come from all around the world just to have our Lamb Chops.

Mount of Temptation Restaurant  is the largest buffet in the Holy Land, with fresh vegetables, fresh chicken, and fresh meat, sourced from local farmers.  We welcome groups of all sizes.  We want to welcome you and your groups to our one of a kind restaurant.  And we hope that you will be a part of our family.  Thank you for choosing mount of Temptation Restaurant.

We are located in the Temptation Center Complex next to the Old City of Jericho. Stop in whether you in a Tour Group, family or small group. We can accommodate any group of any size. We have supplied a reservation request form. Just fill it in and one of our family will confirm your reservation, and await your visit.

Reservation Requests

Please complete the form below:

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Dear Group and guide, please provide us with your name and number of people in your group and we will cater to you.  We welcome you to Mount of Temptation Restaurant.

Restaurant Hours:
Summer – 7:00am – 9:00 pm
Winter – 7:00am – 8:00 pm
Reservations must be received midnight the night prior to arrival.

Thank you and Best regards,

Abu Raed
Owner and Operator of Temptation Restaurant and Temptation Center

You can also contact Abu Raed:

on Whats App – 011 972 54 217 1967
Via Fax: 972 22322659
Email: info@TemptationRestaurant.com

Our Location

Temptation Restaurant

Tel es sultan Jericho Old city,
West bank, Palestine 90669